Thanks Giving Turkey

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Now the most popular and most cooked dish for thanksgiving is the turkey. If you will go to any house where the thanksgiving food is served then you will be very sure that it is going to be a turkey which is a very delicious food. There are various ways of creating a turkey and different people prepare different turkey recipes to make it a thanksgiving recipe.

Now as there are a various number of turkey recipes and here I am giving the recipe of one turkey preparation. This is a very easy and a less time consuming turkey recipe to make and it will hardly take any time to make it. Now here are all the ingredients which will be needed to make this recipe. You will need a little bit of oil, some bear, few onions, garlic’s, one quarter of chicken and a full turkey. If you want then you can also add some other garnishing things which you want to add for your taste.

Now what you have to do is fairly simple. Just take a good pan or a soup bowl and put it on heat and add on the onions, garlic’s, oil and the bear in the pan or the pot after that cut a few pieces of the chicken and the turkey which you have taken but be careful that the pieces are very small otherwise it will be difficult to chew them.

Once the cooking of the soup is over then take the turkey and chicken pieces and then boil them in water and you may also add some bear to it. But the bear should not be too much in quantity otherwise the soup will not be very tasty. In the soup you might also add some lime juice if you like it but it will still taste fine if you don’t add any lime juice in the soup and it is just an additional option.

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