From the Dream of Democracy to the Reality of Dictatorship

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Till now, it used to be the theme of Bollywood movies where a leader is shown in high statures to rule the land according to his wish and punish those who even try to go against it. And now, it seems to have moved from the reel life to the real life and is visible in the fun loving, always moving city of India, the great Mumbai. If we say that the movement is from the real life to the reel life then also the statement can’t be proved wrong because most of the activities happen underground and become visible to the general public only when the outburst occurs.

I should be ashamed of myself for blaming the outsiders for creating troubles in my motherland. Yes, I mean when I say that because some leaders of India have even changed the meaning of an outsider. Tell me, who is an outsider? India is a single nation comprised of twenty eight states which combine their diversities and make India the richest culture of the world. But, here the scene seems to be completely different. A person of one state becomes an outsider in the other state. Oh Indians, where have you buried the feeling of unity in diversity? Can’t you see our mother weeping and deeply hurt by such divisions? How can I blame anyone else for dividing my nation if dividers are the citizens themselves? They should be ashamed who follow such tactics to raise their political stature and divide the people in order to rule over them. If a person is a leader in true sense, his aim should be to fight for the rights of the whole nation and not only a particular state.

And the biggest question arises when people of such interests are supported by others and even order to torture others to prove their spotless stature. With proud, I call my motherland the biggest democracy of the world but now a day the light of democracy seems to be taking the shape of dictatorship. Who is to be blamed? Yes, I knew that everyone’s fingers would point towards the leaders. Why is this blame game, my friends? If a democracy is by the people, of the people and for the people then why such situations even arise. Where we were when such leaders were selected who try to cut into pieces their own motherland and try to raise the feeling of hatred between the people of the same nation. Today, you are fighting on the roads, burning vehicles and killing others for a person who won’t even come for your cremation if you die. If you yourself are the supporters then who else can be blamed for your miserable condition.

Ministers in parliament purchase votes and millions of rupees fly in the air whereas people still beg for a single penny on the roads to fill their bellies. We all hear about these issues but before coming to the conclusion a bomb blast occurs and the media diverts our attention towards that and again before reaching to any judgments about the terrorists , our mind is forced to be engrossed with the breaking news of the warning given by a leader to a star for expressing her emotions. So, where is our role? Yes, good question. And I do understand this as I am also a sufferer of the same net. But if we think wisely, our role is actually spread everywhere but the above example is given to make us understand how we should be capable to give right importance to the right subject and stick to it until the right conclusion is drawn out. The solution is to stand up and raise our voice and if not capable to stand then at least support those who fight for the right cause. Make others aware of the realities and use your most important instrument VOTE to throw out such dictators and help in making your nation a true democracy for which Bapu and Bhagat Singh sacrificed their lives and Chacha Nehru dreamed of day and night.


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