Ousie’s Table Restaurant in Houston, Texas: A Review

This restaurant is located at 3939 San Felipe street close to the Galleria mall, and it is known for its Southern hospitality and food. The name of the restaurant comes from the owner Elouise Adams Jones, also known as Ousie. The restaurant has high ceilings and fans but also holds a

fireplace, and it has a room which is a porch that overlooks the patio and garden, so the ambiance is very familiar. The owner also created the menu with the collaboration with her chefs.

The prices are moderate and you can have nice dinner in this Southern ambiance restaurant.

For appetizers, you can order the little bites or rare tuna for $12.00 and it will include grilled focaccia bread, manchego cheese, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs, or go with the crab tower for $14.00 which has layers of fresh avocado, tomatoes with a jumbo lump crab with a basil olive oil, or you can even try Ousie’s Splendid Spud for $8.00, which is slices of California white potatoes with sliced garlic drizzled with olive oil, sour cream, fresh dill, cracked black pepper, lemon, caviar, and sautéed pieces of salmon.

For entrées you can order the panned chicken in a crispy bread crumb cover with Creole mustard sauce for $21, and it is chicken with roasted bell peppers and artichokes served with spinach fettuccine in a marinara sauce, or the shrimp curry for $24.00 which is served with a lemon ginger rice with peas, chopped peanuts, scallions, bacon, banana and avocado, yogurt with mint and basil and a house tomato chutney. Or you can choose the prime blackened rib-eye for $30.00 with a large twice baked potato and mixed vegetables, or have the seared airline chicken breast with au jus, shitake mushrooms and oysters for $27.00 which are served with wild rice, fresh mint, scallions, and eggplant casserole and baked squash.

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