nokia n 97

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The current trend is to place apps and feeds onto the main home screen interface. Nokia’s N97 does this with the use of various Internet widgets and feeds, including Facebook apps and weather apps that display data on your home screen.
Crucially the apps don’t need to be opened – you can see Facebook updates or the current weather info from the home screen. In the case of the weather app, the software taps into the N97’s GPS function, so it also knows where you are and displays the correct local weather.

Nokia finally launched a truly mobile multimedia best to compete kedigdayaan iPhone 3G. At the Nokia World 2008 event in Barcelona, Nokia finally announced the newest product in the class Nseries.

Given the name of Nokia N97, mobile phone with touch sliding sail akan this has all the best in its class, including the internal memory capacity of 32GB and additional external SDHC memory cards up to 16GB total memory, so make that can be taken by N97 is the 48GB! The amount that can not even didekati by the 3G iPhone with a maximum of 16Gb.

In addition, the N97 is also equipped with features HSDPA connectivity, Wi-Fi, camera 5 megapixels, Ovi (multimedia features such as N-gage gaming platform, Nokia Maps and Nokia Music Store), and So-Lo to refer to the ability of the N97 can be N97 allows users to update their status in the virtual networks (eg Facebook) in real-time.

Planned this phone will be present in the region Europe and Asia, including Indonesia, in Quarter 2 2009, or around April. Available colors are black and white. Basic price offered is EUR 550, or with the exchange rate is now around 8.4 million AUD. Of course, price is not binding. What is the answer for the N97 multimedia needs and your social network?


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