Techniques Of A Massage Therapist

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If you have acquired a deep, passionate interest in massage in Maryland, you should invest a bit of time in the direction you choose to polish your craft. You are excited and wish to hurry so that you are set to practice massage the legal way. You would be surprised to know that a few people aren’t aware of the laws that have been passed to practice massage therapy. Many requirements and regulations have taken place within the past five to ten years. At one point in time, many massage therapists practiced massage without licenses; that is until the industry became regulated.

Massage should be practiced in a safe, serene place where both the recipient and massage therapist are free to exchange energy with one another. Both parties should feel free of stress, thoughts and any type of negative energy or the massage will be for nothing. There also must be trust between each other

In the beginning of a massage, there should always be a firm contact hold, allowing recipient and therapist to clear minds, focus, and relax. A combination of massage techniques from effleurage to petrissage, Swedish to deep tissue can be given. The therapist should flow like a river with different styles, tools and techniques of massage; exuding knowledge and confidence in their craft. Different tools can be used to successfully knead tension and adhesions out of the muscles. On certain areas of the body; you may consider using your forearm, elbow or thumbs.

When approaching a “finish” with your recipient, you may want to gently make them aware of their surroundings. A great massage usually tends to put people into such a relaxed state, they fall asleep. Gently use “tapotement” on the recipient’s back, usually with cupped hands or light fingertips in a rhythm like manner. This will gently awaken the client. Walk around the table and brush away excess energy then gently give recipient a contact hold and “thank them” for allowing you to massage them.


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