Five Infamous Canadian Gangsters That Made History

5 Infamous Canadian Gangsters That Made History

For a number of years I have been a huge fan of anything to do with crime. This got me to thinking about Canada’s shady history and past and I decided to research Canadian mobsters.

I came up with a list of 5 of what I thought to be Canada’s most infamous mobsters over the past years. So if you have an interest in Canadian crime, then feel free to read on and enjoy.

Bindy Johal
Bindy Johal was an Indo-Canadian mobster who was the head of a Vancouver gang in the mid 90’s. He was known as a ruthless murderer that was always making all kinds of headlines in the news.

Crimes of all kinds were Bindy’s specialty and police proved he was involved in selling and smuggling narcotics, fraud, racketeering, money laundering, extortion and contract murder. He was also responsible for forming a death squad of 5 people known as “The Elite” that was responsible for 25-30 murders.

On December 20, 1998 Bindy decided to go out to a popular Vancouver nightclub, this time without his body guards. He was there for no more then an hour when someone walked up to him and shot him point blank in the head. Later on Bindy’s right hand man or lieutenant “B. Buttar” took responsibility for putting a hit out on his boss stating “Bindy was getting crazy. It was me or him!” Just proves there is no honor among criminals and thieves.

Allan “The Weasel” Ross
Allan Ross was an old school mobster born in the late 1940’s in Montreal, Quebec. Since his early teens Ross had always been involved in some type of illegal crime.

It wasn’t till his mid 20’s when he met and became Frank Peter “Dunie” Ryan’s right hand man who at the time himself was a powerful mobster who was leader of the “West End Gang”.

On November 13, 1984 Frank Peter was brutally murdered and soon after Allan Ross stepped in and took over control of the “West End Gang” and got revenge on the assassins that killed his boss by hiring the Hell’s Angels who nearly blew up an entire block in the process.

Allan Ross is now serving a life sentence plus 30 years for trafficking, murder and a number of other offences.

Frank “Dunie” Ryan
Frank Ryan was born June 10, 1942 in Montreal, Quebec. Ryan’s criminal career began when he was about 15 or 16 years old when he was committing petty crimes like smash and grabs and little thefts.

He went on to serve a few prison sentences before he was once again in another gang committing more petty crimes. While with this gang Frank made connections in the drug world and discovered the amounts of money to be made in shipping and dealing it and soon after he was the biggest drug supplier in Montreal if not all of Canada.

This is when he formed the ‘West End Gang” and the crew was infamous for their brutally and drugs. Frank in his mind was on top of the world and it was said he was worth $50-100 million so why wouldn’t he be.

On November 13, 1984 he went to meet a girl in a hotel room but once there to his surprise where 2 men who tried to restrain and tie him up. Frank did not go down without a fight and struggled with every bit of energy he had until finally one of the men shot him point blank with a shotgun.

Police later released to the news press that the 2 men where trying to tie up Frank to get him to disclose where he hid his millions of dollars since he didn’t believe in or trusted banks.

That day was the end of Frank “Dunie” Ryan’s life and criminal career.

Richard “Le Chat” Blass
Richard Blass was born October 24, 1945 in Montreal and maybe one of Canada’s most ruthless and notorious mobsters and killers.  

Blass started out as an amateur boxer when he was a young teenager to help channel his anger. At age 18 Blass had his first run in with the law when he stabbed a fellow boxer after a match he lost against him. This was the start of the criminal career he would always be known for.

After starting a gang sometime back in the 60’s he and his gang started attacking other mafia families through out Montreal and with that a small war had started. Blass survived 3 attempts on his life with the last one nearly killing him after being shot in the head and back.

Once he was back on his feet, he and his crew in January 1969 tried to commit a bank robbery and shot a police officer while trying to escape but was caught soon afterwards. Blass and the most of the gang members that was present at the robbery that day where convicted and received four 10 year sentences. October of the same year Blass manage to escape but was caught again at his wife’s apartment.

In 1974 five years after his first prison escape, Blass escaped again for a final time and was successful. He vowed he was going to kill the 2 people that where in his gang that turned witness for the government. He tracked the men down and at a bar on October 30, 1975 he shot both men dead. Blass then was convinced that he had to go back to the bar and kill all the witnesses that saw him shoot the 2 men.

On January 21, 1975 Blass and some of his gang members went back to the bar and locked in 10 men and 3 women and murdered them all. After that Canada’s largest manhunt’s in history was organized the law found Blass in a small room and when the police opened the door Blass opened fired. Needless to say Richard Blass died that day of 23 gunshots.

Vito Rizzuto
Vito was born in Cattolica Eraclea, Italy on February 21st 1946 but was brought to Canada when his parents immigrated to Montreal in 1954.

By age 16 Vito had already been exposed to the Mafia lifestyle when his father Nick Rizzuto started working with the Cotroni family in the drug trade. By the 1980’s the Rizzuto family had become one of the top and most powerful crime families in Canada.

In 1998, a Sicilian Mafioso turned government witness had claimed that Vito Rizzuto was in charge of the Cosa Nostra in Canada was the most powerful mob boss in Canada.

On May 4, 2007 Vito pleaded guilty to being present in a triple murder at a robbery gone wrong. He testified to what he did and ended up receiving a 10 year sentence which he will probably only serve 5 years of then after he comes back to Canada to serve another 3 years then he is free to go.

There’s way more criminals in Canada then those five but these guys made history.

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