Energy Security

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The USA and much of the world is in an economic downturn partly because of importing oil for energy. Plug in hybrid vehicles and vehicles that only use electricity will help. An extensive change over to electric propulsion will cause electricity shortages, best fixed by big wind turbines in the wind corridor which starts in West Texas and extends North for more than 1000 miles into North Dakota and Western Alberta, Canada. I have typed many details of this and related energy matters at Click on communication and then talk. I use the name Neil Cox. You can rebut me there if you wish.

Electric power lines from West Texas to the East Coast population centers such as Tampa, Florida are needed as West Texas is thinly populated and Pickens is thinking about 40,000 big wind turbines (windmills), supplying perhaps 100,000 megawatts. A megawatt is about how much electricity 500 homes uses, during the peak demand period which is late afternoon, occasionally early evening, or early morning. I suggest a million volt direct current, thousand megawatt, single wire power line that can be upgraded to about 2000 megawatt bipolar HVDC = high voltage direct current by adding a 2nd wire. If you want more details is quite accurate and detailed. This uses less copper, which is in short supply world wide, and solves the problems of keeping various parts of the 3 phase 60 hertz grid, phase locked. Initial cost will be slightly higher due to the fact that USA has only built a few HVDC power lines, but the second of several (many?) should be less costly, and more efficient than 3 phase 60 hertz power lines.

It is also expected that the gas turbine generators, 22% of USA present electricity needs will run fewer hours per day, due to the 40,000 wind turbines. This will free up some natural gas which is compressed to about 3500 psi = CNG = compressed natural gas = CH4 = methane, for vehicle propulsion. On the optimistic side, it appears that USA natural gas production can be ramped up several percent for the next 20 plus years. Several percent will power about 100 million CNG vehicles. CNG is a transition strategy which will help the USA survive economically, until alternative energy can replace fossil fuels. Neil


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