Quick and Easy Natural Remedies for Acne

There are a number of proposed causes for acne, but in truth, why acne occurs remains a real mystery.  There are certain correlations that can be drawn however, which suggest certain causes for acne which include hormonal changes, changes in one’s dietary practices, genetic factors, and environmental factors.  Whatever the cause, there are some fairly nice natural remedies that have proven pretty effective in acne management and defense.  Below are some quick and easy natural remedies which can help to improve acne conditions in general.

Sometimes acne is painless and sometimes it becomes inflamed and itchy or red.  To sooth acne irritation and to reduce the itchiness of the area, you can put together a small package containing several different types of berries which can be heated for three minutes time, allowed to cool, and then placed upon the affected area.  The berries for this cooled down hotpack include berries like strawberries and raspberries which can be mixed with some leaves from the blackberry bush.  Berries are foods containing a lot of natural nutrients and plenty of antioxidants so they certainly prove soothing to one’s skin.

Yogurt is another natural option that you can use to help in clearing up acne.  Good for you both inside and out, yogurt can be consumed or even applied directly to the affected region where acne has appeared.  To thicken up the consistency of the yogurt, you should mix in a bit of finely ground oatmeal, which is also fantastic for the skin.  After letting the concoction rest on the skin for a while, it can be easily cleansed away.

Facial mixes are fantastic for acne remedies, too.  You can quickly mix cinnamon with a thick honey substance and place it on the face or other affected areas of the skin where acne has rudely shown itself.  This application can be used a couple times during the week without the worry of side effects and the skin is left feeling healthier after the application.

You might also want to give some consideration to investing in an Aloe plant; aloe is well beloved for its superlative healing properties.  Aloe plants are great for burn treatments, but they are superb for acne eruptions too where the skin is itchy, burning, sore and inflamed.  You can even minimize issues with scarring when you regularly apply aloe to areas affected by acne eruptions, too.

Mint juice is another ingredient which many people successfully use as an all natural acne remedy.  Mint has soothing properties which help in alleviate skin inflammation as well as irritation.  The ancient Greeks at one time used mint leaves in their baths so that they would be stimulated by the scent of the minty leaves and to derive the plant’s soothing properties as well.  You can place fresh mint leaves in a hot bath which will assist in treating acne which appears on other parts of the body.  The additional benefit of having mint in your household is that you can use it in small bowls as a potpourri to freshen up the scent of your entire house, too!

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