How to sell used office furniture and equipment

Selling is an art not every one is gifted with, true. But when times are tough, world economies dwindling lends your otherwise lackluster salesmanship a much-needed boost. People who need what you are selling would be less concerned about whether you’re persuasive or not; they’d care about price and quality – an inverse relationship to the mind of the budget shopper. So, if you’re the designated sales person to unload your company’s used goods, you’re a step ahead because of tough time. Take a deep breath and take these suggestions on how to sell used office furniture and equipment:

1. Give your employees first dibs at your selection. Before you open your store to the general public, offer it first to your employees. They’re struggling as much as the rest of the world does; they’d find something they need in stock. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to get more for less. Besides, the garage sale for employees could be an informal get-together. Throw in some cash for refreshments, your company actually earns while hosting a social gatherring for employees. That’s quite a turn from the usual norm where companies spend for employee gatherings.

2. Plug it as a charity fund raiser. Capitalize on people’s innate sense of goodness and host the sales auction as a fun raiser for charity. Instead of selling at fixed prices or letting buyers haggle, auction off your goods. Telling buyers that a portion of what they pay goes to charity always makes them willing to pay a bit more. Think about it. You might even generate more this way than any other way. Of course, make good on the charitable donation. You’ll need to actually write that check to at least one recipient. Have you even considered it a way to fulfilling corporate social responsibility while earning some cash for the company’s coffers?

3. Offer combo buys as if you’re giving away freebies. Aim to sell the more costly items; they’re usually the more difficult ones to unload. Offering little things free-of-charge along with it always raises buyer interest levels. Plus, if they’re interested with the freebie and not the good for sale, they’ll have to buy the whole package to get the freebie. That’s basically the same principle companies use to unload slow-moving inventories. It works on brand-new items; there’s no reason it wouldn’t work on used goods.

Selling can be fun, even for the inexperienced ones. Learning how to sell used office furniture and equipment is not much different from learning to do your job better. It requires a little patient planning and lots of creative and innovative thinking. When you’re hitting two birds with a stone unloading your office’s used goods, you derive great satisfaction from the exercise – and a raise, hopefully.

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