Magnetic Bracelets for Magnetic Healing

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This magnetic bracelet has the benefits of magnet therapy in each bracelet. And the bracelet is a quality fashion piece. So if you are wondering how it will go with your other jewelry. It will blend right in and it looks good. I have a copper magnetic bracelet.  It was given to me on my 50th birthday this year.  My yoga instructor, friend gave it to me and I love it. She also knew that I had a broken wrist that gives me trouble especially when I am doing certain yoga poses.  And she did tell me it would help.   

The healing copper bracelet provides added relief, improved circulation and enhanced my energy, strengthened my muscles.  The magnetic bracelets are mostly used for hand or wrist pain, elbow or even shoulder pain. These bracelets are stylish and they can be a healthy alternative to medications or surgery.

The bio magnetic field attracts and repels charged particles in the blood, creating movement and heat.  This process causes the blood to dilate and increase the circulation.  They are good for people who suffer with arthritis.  And it really does work and take the pain away from your wrist and any other parts of your body. 

There is a whole line of styles to choose from.  I did attach a website if you are interested in seeing the magnetic bracelets.  I just love mines and I can definitely tell you that it does work.  My wrist is stronger than it was before and I can hold those yoga poses for the specific time I have too.

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