Natural Foods for Cancer Defense

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Some of the best natural defenses one can implement in order to fend off the onset of cancer is found in choosing healthy foods, which have been identified with cancer inhibiting properties.  Believe it or not, there’s quite a few selections to choose from and the consumer can easily incorporate some of the top cancer-fighting foods into his or her daily food intake.  Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are on the top of the list when it comes to listing foods with cancer fighting properties.  Below some super cancer-fighting foods are examined in greater detail.

Tomatoes are ripe for the picking and perfect for fending off cancer; research has revealed that tomatoes are super rich in nutrients, loaded with Vitamin C, and the tasty treat is filled with flavonoid lycopene too, which is directly responsible for the rich red coloring of the tomato.  Yet, flavonoid lycopene isn’t just good for those richly red tomatoes so that they look delectable; they actually offer cancer-fighting properties to the consumer of tomatoes too.  In fact, tomatoes are considered one of the best natural defenses against a variety of cancers including, cervical, respiratory, oral, and prostate cancers as well.

Sticking with the “red” theme, you can certainly appreciate adding sweet strawberries to your regular diet as well.  Experts have recently suggested that by consuming strawberries you can actually reduce the chances of getting cancer by as much as 70 percent.  In fact, strawberries aren’t the only berries that offer such benefits; all deeply colored berries supply the consumer with cancer fighting benefits in addition to being delicious.

If you are into red vegetables than you’ll absolutely love to know that red beets as well as red cabbage are fully loaded with plenty of calcium, so they are undoubtedly good for you.  They also have cancer fighting attributes too, which are, once again attributed to flavonoids.  If you’re really looking to get the full benefit of flavonoids, it’s the red cabbage that you are going to want to consume since it, out of every vegetable consumable, contains the most of these cancer fighting agents.

Don’t think red and dark purple veggies are the only option you have when seeking to consume food with cancer fighting properties either.  You can certainly go green with your diet and consume a little bit of spinach.  Spinach is so good for you it is almost heavenly, and you can derive a fine source of vitamins and antioxidants from consuming it.  Spinach also promises you plenty of folic acid, and studies have revealed that individuals eating at least two servings of spinach each week have lower risks of getting breast cancer and respiratory cancer too.

Women looking to reduce the chance of getting breast cancer are certainly going to want to up the amount of whole wheat that they ingest regularly, as well.  Present research suggests that whole wheat products minimize breast cancer risks and risks associated with heart disease too, and in some cases, the risk is minimized more than 30 percent.  It is, therefore, advised that one get regularly daily doses of whole wheat containing products.


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