Do we know how to reflect each day?

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Had a great drive into work this morning, reflected on how faithful God is to me and my family.  I have said this SO much recently that everyone is getting tired of hearing it.  But…I have been so NOT faithful to God through everything that has happened and yet He has remained unfalteringly faithful to me. Why is that? Why does a man, just a man, deserve what we are given by our Lord FOR FREE? I have tried recently to understand all the events of life and see where an ever loving Father is constant in my life, and it’s everywhere.

During my drive in, I looked across what I normally see as a low water level river that I daily ignore. Today it seemed different to me so much so that I had to take a fast picture with my phone and send it to Twitter along with a note about how HIS creation is all around us, even in the smog filled air that we breath every day or the dried grass in the yard and the pets that we adore so much.

I hold to “His mercies are new” every day now, and I pray that I continue to hold this and not began to take Him for granted again. I’m no great speaker and I struggle with my words continually, especially with my own family. But my life today is an ever present reminder of God’s faithfulness and undeserved grace.

“Father, I pray that YOU will become new to me every day, that I won’t find myself falling back into a mindset of complacency and forget what YOU have done in my life and for my family.”

Let’s all look for ways to find what He’s done in our lives today and be reminded of the creations around us that are His. We are here for the purpose of worshiping our Father.


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