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Brain Development:

By 8 months, a baby’s brain has about 1,000 trillion nerve connections. By the age of 10, that number is reduced to about 500 trillion. As the brain operates on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis, early experiences are the defining factor affecting the rate of reduction in nerve connections. Studies on neglected children, who had been deprived of physical and mental stimulation, found that parts of their brain were underdeveloped and 20-30% smaller than most children their age.

In  today’s competitive world one has to start preparing the baby right from the beginning.  So its important to provide stimulus to your baby for his proper physical and mental development. Providing proper stimulus helps the baby to learn from the environment as many things as possible.

Stimulus should be provided to babies five senses  in various ways, to fasten the babies development.

 Some of the ways are mentioned below.

  • Nowadays there are many creative toys available in the market, which are specially made for babies for different age groups.
  • Different textures , different sizes should be given for holding.
  • Babies enjoy music.
  • Talking to the baby is great stimulus.
  • Taking him to different surrounding, introducing to new people.
  • Babies love to listen to stories and songs.
  • Simple house hold items can be used creatively to stimulate him.

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