How I lost weight with the Nintendo Wii …and vegetarian diet.

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A lot of people feel desperate to lose weight; you only have to look at the millions and millions of hits on google you will get if you enter ‘lose weight’ it into their search engine. I actually just tried this and there was almost 50,000,000 hits! There is definitely more  than a few people concerned with the issue. I am not claiming here to have discovered any new wonder method here, but this is just something that has worked to me. 

My way for losing weight will not be for everyone, and it might even be dangerous for some people. The funny thing is that I didn’t even set out to lose it. I made life changes for different reasons but the weight loss was a nice side-effect. I must admit that I was sometimes a bit worried about my weight though; nobody would take much notice of it the West (85kg at 5 foot eight), but in Thailand my students would make the occasional ‘pom puey’ or ‘fatty’ remark. This came as a surprise to me because up until my thirties I struggled to put on weight. 

The secret to my weight loss was a change to a vegetarian diet, and at least a forty minutes work-out on the Nintendo Wii fit game every day. I had previously been vegetarian in my twenties, but worried about doing the same in Thailand where I now live. I wasn’t sure of the availability of enough dishes to keep me interested, but I couldn’t have been more wrong; there is plenty of vegetarian options here as elsewhere. 

My wish to not eat meat is a personal one and nothing really to do with health. It was something always nagging me in the back of my mind. I did it anyway and was delighted to find that it is easy being vegetarian. I even went a step further and try and avoid diary as well. The vegan aspect of things is more an aspiration than anything else at the moment, but the thought is there. I feel comfortable with the move away from meat being a permanent change. 

The Nintendo Wii was because I just wanted to be fit again. I have a young son, and even though I am still in my thirties I found it hard to keep up with him. It turned out that the Wii Fit was the perfect solution. I could really feel the benefit of using it everyday and the style of the games made them fun. I soon found my way back into other activities and maintaining fitness has been easy since then. The exercises on the Wii built up my tolerance so the move into other healthy pursuits felt effortless. I don’t use the Wii Fit so much these days, but I ‘m very grateful to it. 

The outcome of these two changes is that I now weigh 69 kg, and feel younger than I have in years. My belly is gone. I don’t miss my old diet, and I have no wish to return to my previous couch potato lifestyle. I am now seven months into my routine and see no reason why things will deteriorate again. The truth is I now love exercising and taking care of my body. If I live longer because of it, well, that will be a bonus. 

As I said this won’t work for everyone, but it did for me.  I just thought that I would share my experience with Wii fit and vegetables.


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