How To Be A Big Fat Loser

I see these poor people lumbering around doing tasks and the like and all the time trying to outwit each other by losing the most weight each week so as not to be voted off the show in order for the winner to win some money.

I cannot help but think, as I eat my billion calories of non diet food, maybe my life might be that little bit better if I just refrained from turning on the T/V set at dinner time.

I used to be concerned for my sons excess weight after they all left home and ventured out on their own as they had long decided I was either cruel or just old fashioned when it came to their favorite foods and drinks. While they lived with me and their mom at home I would restrict their intake of soft drinks, lollies, fatty foods and the like.

How awful of me. I know I know. Now that they are all grown up and they make their own decisions when it comes to eating, I must say, if nothing else, they can all eat up a storm and often show me how wrong I was by eating and drinking their favorite foods and drinks.

Maybe next year when the two largest of them apply again for “The Biggest Loser” show they may get accepted this time. Oh how sad life can be for the ‘Y’ generation.

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