How To Quit Smoking After Thirty Years

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I took a shot at my own method and being rather skepticle myself  knew I would just start smoking all over again but thought after a heart attack and being diagnised with severe heart damage I had better give this a serious try well at least for my children and grandchildren.

Well it is amazing when you actually do have a simple system to follow step by step where the effects of years of smoking surely fade away without the pain and withdrawal that is commonly associated when someone tries to quit smoking.

I am happy to say I have been smoke free for over a year now and surprise , surprise so is my wife who had smoked from when she was only fourteen years of age! Neither of us has reverted back to smoking and we are both sure that if we did for whatever reason we would be able to easily quit smoking again.

People really do make up their own mind as to how they live their lives but our children do not. They are usually stuck with what they get, like it or lump it and regardless of whether the parents are smokers or not they are always loved so that is not the problem.

The problem seems to me to be whether the parents love the children as much in return. Showing our children that we care about the enviroment they live in is one way we show them we love them. Everyone is advantaged after someone stops smoking.


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