Does Michael Vick Deserve A Second Chance?

I don’t know if you have been following the Michael Vick saga, but in case you haven’t, Vick was convicted on felony charges of promoting dog fighting at his Virginia home more than two years ago. He was sentenced to 23 months in prison and served 19 months of that sentence before being released to house arrest earlier this month.

 Last week it was rumored that Vick was to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss his possible reinstatement into the league. The two met and Monday (July 27), it was announced that Vick would be granted a partial reinstatement that could allow him to play in his first regular season game by week six of the season.

 Although this is good news, the former Atlanta Falcon quarterback was only granted a conditional reprieve and still has to prove himself before he would be given a full reinstatement.

 Michael Vick has spent the majority of the last two years in prison. He has paid his debt to society but is he fit to be readmitted to the NFL?

 Does he deserve a second chance?

 Vick voluntarily promoted and permitted dog fighting at his home. He knew he was committing a crime and he knew what the consequences would be if he got caught. When rumors began to circulate about his involvement, Vick vehemently denied having anything to do with it. When questioned by the league he again stated that he had no involvement.

 It was only after witnesses to the crime, came forward to give statements to the police about Vicks involvement, that he acknowledged his part.

 Should a convicted felon who lied to the league office be allowed to re-enter the NFL?

 Though his crime may have been cruel and thoughtless, Michael Vick in general, is a good person. He apparently allowed himself to get involved with people who were not acting in his best interest. They showed their true colors when confronted by authorities who were ready to prosecute them for the crime.

 They quickly gave Vick up to them.

 Throughout his career, Michael Vick has been a good teammate and player. Although he has had his moments with coaches and teammates as all athletes do, he has for the most part, done what he was asked to do.

 The testament to this was his long tenure with the Atlanta Falcons, up until the dog fighting incident.

 Michael Vick is a very talented football player and gifted athlete. I don’t doubt that he could play several positions on offense and on defense. His scrambling ability certainly made him a shoe-in for running back. He was a valuable commodity to the Falcons until his run-in with the law, after which he became a distraction and a liability.

 Michael Vick put a lot of time into becoming a top-notch football player and his character, although not perfect, has more or less been satisfactory.

 Allowing himself  to get mixed up with dog fighting was a stupid lapse in judgement on his part and he has had a lot of solitary time to contemplate what he did.

 No matter how foolish his actions may have been, Vick should not have to continue to pay for them indefinately. He has paid his debt to society and we should allow him to do the same in the NFL.

 So the short answer to the question “does Michael Vick deserve a second chance” would be, yes.

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