How to Train Your little Puppy to Potty Outside!

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Little puppies are so cute and fun to play with.  But like any person or animal, nature does call!  Now with a baby all you have to do is put a diaper on them for a year or so then you can potty train them, but not with animals.  With cats you have to keep taking them to the litter box until they learn that thats where they are to potty.  Not to bad huh?  But when raising a puppy there are a few steps you must learn in order to train them to potty outside.  After reading this article I know that you will be able to train your puppy with no problem.

 Your first step is to watch and study your puppy. Learn when they need to go potty (i.e. after meals, naps, and play). Watch for them to start sniffing around, that is a sure fire sign that they need to go potty!

Your next step is to grab your pup as they are sniffing around and say “Gotta go potty?” and then carry them outside. Place them in the grass far from the door and step back a foot. Give them encouragement as they continue to sniff around the grass. If your puppy tries to just run back to the door pick them up and repeat this step till they potty.

After your puppy as gone potty give them a hug or a treat, whatever you feel like is the best encouragement. Then go on with your life but still keep an eye on your puppy because going outside one time doesn’t mean they won’t use the inside again as their restroom.

Don’t let your pup out smart you. If its cold and they don’t want to pee outside sometimes they will fake like they are just so that you will take them in. Always check.

The best way for you pup to learn fast is through positive reinenforcement! Everytime they potty outside don’t forget to congradulate them and to give them a treat.  They need to same lovin that a baby would get.


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