Reviewing Arcodoro Italian Restaurant in Houston, TX

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Arcodoro is located at 5000 Westheimer in the middle of the Galleria area, and it has a lot of typical dishes from Sardinia. The restaurant has a simple yet classy look to it, and if you can not find parking they do offer a complimentary valet. It is a great date place even if it can be a

bit on the pricey side but more reasonable during the lunch period.

For appetizers you can taste Sa Fregula kin Asellas which is a Sardinian cous cous with baby clams in a saffron broth for $12.50, or Panadeddas di Cinghiale al Piccante which are a traditional Sardinian fried ravioli filled with wild boar and pecorino Sardo in sauce of caramelized jalapenos, sour honey and orange citrus for $14.50, or even Gelatina di Maialetto al Finocchio e Senape which is an aspic of roasted suckling pig served with a fresh fennel and arugola salad topped with a grain mustard and pear dressing for $13.50.

For entrées they have several choices between pasta, rice, meat and fish. For starters they have gnocchetti Sardi al Cinghiale which are gnocchi with a wild boar ragu’ for $19.50, or the risotto kin busekka which are carnaroli rice simmered with tripe and a zesty tomato sauce, or the linguine su barchile which are linguini with fresh clams, skinless tomatoes & Sardinian bottarga for $21.50. Other popular pasta and rice dishes are the Paella de fregula Sarda which is paella, Sardinian style, simmered with saffron lobster stock and mix of scampi, shrimp, mussels, clams, calamari and sea bream fillet for $32.50 and this is a dish that you have to share, and the Spaghetti ostriche bottarga which are spaghetti sautéed with oysters and white wine, with shaved bottarga for $21.50.


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