Reviewing Little Myako in Houston, TX

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This Japanese restaurant is located at 728 Meyerland Plaza in the middle of the Meyerland area. It is called little Myako as the restaurant is smaller than the other ones in the city.

Here you can start with some appetizers such as the popular shrimp tempura for $5.00, edamame which are steamed soybeans for $3.00 or even baked mussels which are creamy mussels ceviche in caviar miso soy glazed with seaweed salad and rice for $6.00. For the salads a good choice is the Ninja Chicken salad, that can be served either grilled or fried and it includes crispy wonton strips, lettuce, carrots, herbs with lime and vinegar for $7.00

For entrées they have great sushi boxes which are all served with a soup and salad such as the Crazy for $12.00 which includes shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, caviar, cucumber and mayonnaise rolled in soybean paper, or the Myako special maki for $13, which is fresh salmon, avocado and marinated spicy tuna.

They have a good choice of bento boxes as well, which are all served with 2 pieces of California rolls, 2 vegetable eggrolls, rice and a soup, you can order the Samurai beef which is charred beef sautéed with beans and mushroom and with a spicy BBQ sauce for $10.00 or the Sukiyaki Tofu for $9.00 which is grilled tofu steak and shitake mushrooms seared with a yakitori sauce, or even the blackened red snapper for $11.00 which is pan seared snapper in a Cajun seasoning and a cream sauce on top.


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