Houston Attractions: 10 Must Visit Sites

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Houston is usually not a tourist attraction, but Houston has grown a lot in the last decade or so and has become a great melting pot and offers more than one can assume. The following are some of the must sees.

SPACE CENTER HOUSTON: this is one of the most popular things in Houston, but it is worthwhile as when you visit the center you can simulate the space travels. The prices are $18.95 and $14.95 for children under 12 years old

BEER CAN HOUSE: This work of art was done by John Milkovish, where he used about 50,000 of beer cans just as siding for his house. The architecture of this house located at 222 Malone street is a must see.

BYZANTINE FRESCO CHAPEL MUSEUM: This is a small building where inside you will find 13th century frescos from the Byzantine time and it is located in the Montrose area near downtown.

MENIL COLLECTION: Close to the Byzantine Chapel Museum, you will find the Menil collection, and you can visit the whole collection which includes more than 15,000 pieces.

MUSEUM OF NATURAL SCIENCE: This museum offers a wide range of information starting from the dinosaur world, they also offer an IMAX theatre where you can often see documentaries in 3-D, and a few times a month they will host a happy hour event so you can enjoy the museum.

DOWNTOWN AQUARIUM: This is a favorite for families as it is a theme park in the middle of downtown Houston and it offers train rides surrounded by the aquarium, as well as other rides and games and you can stop for lunch or dinner. The rides range from $6.25 to $9.25.

DOWNTOWN ART & ARCHITECTURE TOUR: You can also take a guided walking tour of downtown Houston which offers the views of both public art and the architecture of the city’s skyline. If you decide to take a guided tour it will cost you $20 or you can skip the tour and admire downtowns art and architecture by yourself or with a group of friends.

SPORTING EVENTS: Houston has several home teams, and going to one of these events is always fun, you can choose to go see the Astros, Rockets, Dynamos or even the Texans.

GALLERIA ICE RINK: The galleria ice rink is available all year round, and is especially pretty during Christmas with their huge adorned tree in the middle of the rink, and it will cost you about $11, with the skate rental.

WATER WALL: The water wall is outside of the Galleria and the Williams Tower, and it is great tourist site with it modern architecture and the recycled water it pumps about every ninety minutes. In fact it is not unusual to see several people taking pictures in front of the fountain.


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