North Korea Fiers Missels At US.

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On the Fourth of July, North Korea Launched seven ballistic missels at the United States. The missels only made it a mere 300 miles. The missels landed in the water between Korea and Japan. I can’t help but wonder what would have happend if the missels had actually hit another country. This failed attack didn’t come at random. Just a few days before the attack, North Korea declared that they were going to wipe the U.S.A off of the map and that they were going to do it on our country’s very own birthday. This isn’t even the first time this has happend. Three years ago, again on the Fourth Of July, korea launched a missel at the U.S.A that fell apart within a minute after take off. South Korea and Japan both declared the launches a “serious act of provocation.” Other countrys issued similar statements. At first the government didn’t say anything about it at all. But then two officials in Obama’s administration said that any reaction would not be publicly announced, so that any enimies could not react. North Korea has been testing Nucular weapons since 2006 and not once have we done anything about it. Now it is a mystery of what will happen next. Who will attack next? What will happen? How do we know that those are the only missels North Korea has? It would be a very smart plan if they declared a day they were going to attack, fire they weakest missels, wait until it all dies down, and then hit us with everything they have. Just think about that. For now, all we can do is wait. It isn’t up to us, we just have to wait and watch. Watch and see what Obama will do next.


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