Two Poems

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Storm clouds rolling across the canyons of his mind,

Emotions erupting like molten lava thrust from the burning bowels of earth,

Thrown from the gut like premature birth.

Metaphoric words and rhymes, meaningless fodder lost in time.

Lightning strikes throughout his mind

Stinging synapses distorting reality destroying time.

His body ravaged by the storm,

Like thunder rolling down his spine.

Arms and legs, like twisted pine

Left too long on planet earth.

Too many days too long the nights

His soul and spirit longed for flight.

And now the rains of change did come

Washing away all that’s numb,

And when the storm was finally over

And then the breaking sun did shine,

And hope began to grow anew.

The Old Man and The Lamp Post

Old Man beneath a lamp post stood,

ragged collar turned against the wind,

Yesterday’s news tucked between feet and snow.

at least the news now served some good.

People by the old man passed

too in a hurry to notice him

so much to do, so little time,

For Christmas Eve had come at last.

But still the old man stood and waited,

Frayed hat across his eyes,

A soft snow began to fall.

But still no one stopped,to see at all.

At the old man’s feet a metal cup

waiting for a kindness coin,

a soul might notice the old tin cup

So at last the man might sup.

But still the hours slowly passed

As did the hurried feet of strangers

but no one yet had paid him notice

until a a small boy stopped at last.

And to the old man he did say.

Into your cup I have no pay.

But would you like my chocolate hot?

To warm you here as you must stay.

At that the old man lifted gaze,

and pulled hat back from his face

And to the boy did show true self

Revealing wounds in hands and feet.

And to the boy he did speak.

Tonight my son God saw your act,

In kindness to one you did not know.

Not thinking Heaven’s gate you seek.

You and I will meet again

In just a blink of time’s quick eye

For you saw me by the lamp post wait.


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