5 Ways to Enjoy Your Staycation

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High gas prices and an uncertain economic future have many families staying at home instead of traveling for their vacation.  Staycations are a fun way to share time with your family.  You can have a staycation in the middle of summer or any other season.  Try one of these staycation ideas to provide a fun home vacation.

Themed Staycation

Choose a fun and educational theme for your staycation adventure.  Have you always wanted to visit Hawaii?  Make some construction paper palm trees with the kids.  Mix up your own tropical punch with pineapple and cranberry juice.  Your family will enjoy coming up with ideas for your staycation theme.

Educational Staycation

Pick a topic you want your family to learn more about.  Spend your staycation reading books and watching movies about the topic.  You could explore space and set up a telescope outside each night.  Your family could learn about a new planet every night of the week during your staycation.  Or you could learn about gardening and let your children plant their own seeds in cups or a garden in the backyard.

The Tourist Staycation

While the New Yorker who has never seen the Statue or Liberty is a cliché, there are many of us who have never taken advantage of all there is to do in our own home town.  Go online and see what is available in your area.  A short hour drive could bring you to a wonderful day vacation spot.  You can visit a new spot every day of your staycation.

Use Your Staycation to Explore Other Cultures

Immerse yourself in another culture during your staycation.  Check out library books about the culture of your choice.  Your family can do their best to stay “in character” during the staycation.  This will teach children to value people of other cultures.  You can even find a multi-cultural cookbook so that your family can work together to prepare a special meal each night of your staycation.

Explore the Great Outdoors During Your Staycation

For the cost of a fishing license, you can visit area lakes and fish with your family.  It is inexpensive to visit area campgrounds and use the trails for a family hiking or biking outing.  Your children can learn about nature by taking along a bird watching guide.

With a little creativity, you can make your staycation truly memorable.  After all, it isn’t where you go, but who you’re with.  The memories you create with your family during your staycation will stay with them for a lifetime.


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