Sex Machines and Robots Coming Soon

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The adult industry is about to be blown wide open with the impending invention and distribution of foreign sex machines and robots. The countries in Europe and Asia are investing so much money into electronics and robotics that it’s very likely we will soon see the first automated mechanical love dolls coming from one of those regions. Imagine how this change the entertainment industry and all the online products that thrive even in a poor economy.

These sex machines and robots will also possibly open up so many potential problems down the road. There is already a growing faction of individuals that consider everything along these lines as dirty and unappropriate as well. Regardless of how people feel about the situation it’s one that makes billions of dollars every year and is a real big deal for those involved bringing home a chunk of that income. These sex machines and robots aren’t gonna put any of the actors and actresses in the film industry out of business but they could make things interested for those that make their living selling erotic toys through the internet.

So when will these sex machines and robots be available to the public? I imagine it would be a few years just to get everything sorted out in terms of testing and legal issues. I’m sure a big deal will be made of this sort of thing with all the news companies once it gets close to public release. The cost is also something that will likely keep these from being common to most persons interested in this sort of product.


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