How to Know if he is The Right One

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Well, only God and you will know if he’s the right one for you. As your big brother I cannot be there for you to interview him to make sure he’s the one. But as your big brother I can give you some tips on what to look for since most women grew up without a father, or what a healthy marriage looks like.

If he respects you and not want to sleep with you before you are married because he knows you’re a queen. HIM SLEEPING WITH YOU AHEAD OF TIME IS DISRESPECT TO YOUR BODY, SPIRIT and SOUL. Your body is for your husband only. People should not know how you are in the bed except your husband! Don’t get me wrong he will want to sleep you because you’re beautiful! But he will tame his flesh and wait for marriage because he understands soul ties. He’s responsible. He can keep a job or has his own business. He has a vision for him and his family. He is a finisher to anything he starts. He might have a child but he pays his child support. Ask him if he pays his child support, if he makes excuses WATCH OUT if he don’t take care of his own, he DEFINIATELY will not take care of you.

He fears God and loves Jesus. If he’s accountable to God, your chances are good that he will treat you right. He listens to you and knows how to prioritize God #1, You #2, and the children #3. If you want him to make you #1 over God then YOU want to be his god and you don’t want that because your only human with imperfections and you did not die for his sins.

Don’t try to be sexy, keep it honest and classy. If you are built with a nice shape WHATEVER you wear HE WILL NOTICE IT! Get to meet his family so you can get a preview of what you are about to marry into. His learned behavior comes from the people he hangs around the most (his family).


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