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This one may surprise you it’s not even clothes, it’s polish and sandals. That’s right polish and sandals if you want to be in style this summer make sure they match. Don’t get to comfortable with this it’s not that simple. Lets say your sandals are mainly light blue with just a little pink in them wear pink polish not blue thats too obvious; it’s more creative to emphasize the color that does not seem that important. Wearing your hair up or in loose curls are also in this summer. Not only are the stars doing their hair this way these two styles will hold up almost perfectly in humid weather.

Candy strips glossy lip palette seem trendy this summer, it’s cheap too just 14 bucks each at Kohl’s. Scarfs and big hand bags very popular this summer as well. Summer dresses are in and certain patterns are better than other of coarse. Nicole Richie has been seen around in a hippie print summer dress for about $458. You don’t have to spend that much to be “in” this summer they sale very fashionable and in style summer dresses at stores in the mall and on-line. Don’t forget to pick you up a nice big hand bag to go along with your dress. I prefer you not to wear a scarf with a summer dress but it’s your choice. Remember polish and sandals must match. Believe it or not I like this trend this summer because I think that would look great worn with a summer dress just find a color that’s not that bold in your sandals and dress and use that for your polish I think it would look great. Shoulder earrings and other bulky pieces of jewelry or great to wear this summer. Remember one or the other. Either you going to have long earrings or bulky bracelets try your best not to do both, but if you must let them both be at a minimal.

Some people are saying that matching hand bags, sandals, and polish are in. I have a little problem with this because to me it’s too much matching where in the world is the creativity of the outfit?There’s none. So through my eyes I suggest either matching hand bags and shoes, or shoes and polish not all three, but that’s just me. Remember that natural looking makeup is also in. Lots of neutrals, nudes, peaches, and pinks. Long lash are always great for summer time and so are sun glasses. Big sun glasses are in right now, but make sure they look right on you perhaps take a trusted friend along when buying big shades because not everyone can pull them off.

These are this summer’s trends hope these tips help when shopping. Remember polish and shoes, or shoes and big hand bag, summer dresses, long earrings, big shades, and bulky jewelry are some of this years trends.


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