How to Be a Good Administrative Assistant

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An administrative assistant has an important role in a company, be the company big or small, and usually the duties vary a little with the company and boss’ style. It can happen that you may be the assistant to one or more bosses, but the role is almost like being the right hand man or woman. Nowadays an administrative assistant has to have good knowledge on a variety of different things as well as being able to multi-task and know how to handle stressful situations. The skills that a good administrative assistant will have may vary with the company but there are basics of the positions that will make you a great administrative assistant.

The main skill that is usually requested is the knowledge of Microsoft Office, and in fact the most used software’s are Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Strong typing skills are also required; usually if you can type 45 words per minute or more is good.

Dress professionally and always be on time, make it known that you take your role seriously.

Another skill that is requested more and more is to know basic bookkeeping.

Having good phone etiquette and courtesy is always a plus; you never know who is on the other side of the phone and always answer professionally and with a smile, as you can “hear” it on the other side.

Know how to file in both alphabetical and numerical order, this sounds easy but in reality it requires more time and effort than what it seems like it.

Keep your desk neat and orderly, have a phone, a computer and a calendar so that you can schedule your managers meetings accordingly, this way it will be easier to be more organized. Once you are organized then it will be easier to do your job faster and be able to prioritize.

Always have an upbeat and positive attitude, this will make your work easier as well as other people want to be around you and your boss or bosses appreciate you.

Once you start a new job as an administrative assistant in a new company, this is the time to ask your boss or bosses what is expected of you. Do they want you to take care of their travel or their calendars? And what are your limits? Do you have only a certain budget for different things, such as planning the Christmas party or ordering office supplies?


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