Save Money on Cars

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This article outlines various ways that you can save money on cars including purchasing, insurance and do it yourself auto repair.

HowtoBuyCarsunder500Dollars-main_Thumb.jCars under 500 Dollars

If you are extremely tight on your budget, but you need a car, you might be able to get cars for under 500 dollars. These aren’t going to be the greatest cars, but hopefully with a little work, they can get your where you need to go. The following will show you how to buy cars under 500 dollars.

asdf-main_Thumb.jpgCar CTV Recording System

Vehicle Surveillance Recording Systems are typically used in public transit vehicles or government vehicles, however certain circumstances may require you to install one in your vehicle. The following guide will help you to understand the products available as well as how to install them to suit your needs.

calculator-main_Thumb.jpgCalculate Car Insurance

There are a number of online resources available for calculating car insurance. Some are more effective than others. Some are also faster than others. The important thing to remember when using a car insurance calculator is that in order to provide an accurate quote, you will have to wait for human intervention. Any calculator that provides an instant quote may not be a guaranteed rate once they check your information.

gaspump-main_Thumb.jpgBest Gas Mileage

If you are a commuter, you will likely spend between 5% and 10% of your salary on gas this year. Here are some tips to increase your mileage. I was able to get my MPG up by between 3 and 4 MPG’s using these methods.

cable-main_Thumb.jpgCar Transmission Repair

This is a temporary fix meant to get you to a location where you can work on the vehicle properly. The specific issue which this article addresses is for if the flex cable pulls out of the pressed socket where the cable hooks onto the transmission. I had to use the technique on a trip home from Santa Monica.


Cars under 1000 Dollars

There are a lot of risks involved in buying really cheap cars under 1000 dollars. They tend to have mechanical problems among other things. This article will walk you through the steps of buying a really cheap car under 1000 dollars. This information is still applicable, however for more expensive used cars.


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