Beginners Podcast Guide: An Intro to Making a Podcast

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Do you have a favorite podcast? There is a podcast out there for every type of personality. Regardless of whether you are looking for comedy clips, up to the minute news, church sermons, or the best YouTube clip of the day, there is most likely something for you.

But what if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for? Maybe you found something, but you know you can do it better. Becoming a podcast publisher is perfect for you!

Creating your very own podcast may seem like a daunting and highly technical task at first, but once you learn the basics and download the right (and many times free) software, you’ll have the first episode of your very own podcastup in a day!

First, you need to decide if you will be publishing an audio or video podcast. Both have very similar processes. Audiopodcasts aren’t as media rich, but video podcasts require more advanced equipment and come with a more detailed editing process. For the purposes of this article we will assume you are starting with an audio podcast.

You will need to begin with a program that captures the audio recording and converts it into the standard .mp3 format that is recognized by podcasts. The most basic program to use with the best functionality is Audacity.

Once you have your audio file recorded you need a place to store and publish you audio file. More advanced users can upload the file to their own web page along with an RSS feed. This feed is what the listeners subscribe to and use to find the audio files. An easier alternative is to use a free online service called Poderator. Poderator will store your .mp3 files, automatically create your RSS feed based on your preferences, and promote your podcast. All you have to do is tell iTunes the location of your podcast so it can be placed in the official iTunes Store Podcast Directory for searching.

Please bear in mind that this is a very basic podcast tutorial. There is a world of software and hardware out there to aid you in creating the perfect podcast. For a more detailed tutorial on each aspect of publishing your podcast, look for the other articles posted below. They contain a wealth of information the help you along your way.

The last important element of creating a podcast is networking. It is difficult to get your initial fan base up, especially if nobody has ever heard of your podcast. Once your podcast is published, tell everyone you know about it! Ask owners of other podcasts and websites if they would be willing to link back to you. Be creative!

Remember to start small and work you way up. Your podcast may not become a huge hit at first, but with commitment, practice, and the right content your podcast can easily become one of the top podcasts on the net. The possibilities are endless!


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