a child abusing story

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Dave pelzer lived a happy life until he turned seven years old. His mother played her “games” with him such as the gas chamber(putting him in the bathroom with a bucket  of ammonia and just leaving him there.) , she would also fill up the bathtub with cold water and leave him in there when his brother’s friend came over and daves mom would take his friend to the bathroom to see dave and humiliate him.  He soon was able to escape his parents were fighting and the mother said to dave ” if i treat you bad leave! just leave! and so he did he went into a pizza place he went to before the abusing started and the cashier remebered him, bought him a pizza, and called his mother. his moteher beat him until he had to go to bed. the next day would be school so he woke up, and was late so his mother drove him and said whatever scratches you have say that it was an accident and i did not do it. so he went to the nurse for anothe check up, what she did was say  take your clothes off and she checked him saw a ton of marks, left and when she left he got his clothes on and waited and  when the nurse came back she was with the principle. they called the police and . . .  i do not want to ruin the book for you so find the book, child called it, and the lost boy to find out about the rest.


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