History of Corvette Sting Ray

Some cars are able to leave its mark in the mind of the people that other cars are unable to replace. Same is the case with the Corvette Sting Ray. The car’s interior was well decorated and it offered many different features. The company was able to introduce new generations one after another.

People often confused this car with the Stingray which stayed in the market from 1968 to 1982. C2 was the second generation and the third generation was introduced as the C3. Both the cars are significantly different from one another. One of the main differences is the spelling. Bill Mitchell was the creator of the C2 Sting Ray who was the styling chief of the GM.

The interior was improved in order to make it more comfortable for the passengers.  New windows were introduced at the rear but later on were removed as it was blocking the view.

Panels of Fiber glass were used as in the older versions. Dual headlights were also placed with the pop-up feature. This added more beauty in the car and due to this the popularity of the car increased. The best thing about these lights is its aerodynamic feature.  This was not introduced in any other car before.

The company didn’t stopped here and kept introducing new features in the car. These features made this car more popular and were able to compete in the market effectively. These features include:

– Side-mounted exhaust, but this feature was optional and it depends on the buyer whether he wanted to get it installed or not

– Convertible roofs that one can fold and store at the back of the driver’s seat

– Trunks without lids

– Customer can even get the Stay Ray with fixed top

Many different options were available to meet the requirements of customers and this made the car more popular. This is the reason why its popularity isn’t decreasing over the years. The company is bringing improvement in the model to keep it competitive.

It offers great speed to speed lovers and comes in 3 different types of engine to suit the customer’s choice. The different engine choices available are 327, 396 and the 427 CID and the horse power of the engine ranges from 250 up to 435. It offered the driver to experience the independent suspension in this car and it also have disc brakes installed in all (four) of its wheels.

The car was able to gain fair market and was able to give tough competition to its rivals. You should try it once in your life and will definitely feel the difference in the drive. You can never forget the experience of driving this car.

This was a short history of Corvette Sting Ray, and it is hoped that information in this article will help you to familiarize with its history.

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