History of Chevrolet Corvette

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Since 1950’s the Chevrolet Corvette, a sports car, is in production by Chevrolet Corporation. Chevrolet is a famous car and generally anyone knows about it and can tell you at least one thing about it even if it has to be its price range only.

The short history of Chevrolet Corvette is quite interesting and enthralling which starts from Michigan and Missouri where these were initially produced and comes to Bowling Green Kentucky where nowadays these are being produced.

Corvette ruled the sports car industry by remaining the first and preferred choice for everyone from a driver of a racing car to famous movie star or from a businessman to car fanatics for almost 9 years (1953-1962). But the true history of corvette goes behind almost a decade when a man deeply in love with sports cars decided that he wanted to see American sports cars going from America to all over the world.

That person was Harley Earl. He was so passionate about cars that when he saw soldiers from WW2 bringing home cars like MGs, Jaguar and Alfa Romeo he decided to make one of its own cars. He made partnership with two designers and with the help of their creative designs corvette began its journey.

Earl, Nash motors with other two designers designed a small sports car having two seats which was provided by the name “Nash Healey”. Later on; Earl tried to convince the executives of GM that they should build a sports car as well. In the same year Earl started working on a new car with the help of his design crew. At first their project got the name “Opel” but this later on showed its face to the public at a car show “Motorama” as Corvette, 1953 edition. Corvette got attention in no time because of its sleek, defined designer look and thus Corvette history got its starting point.

“Corvette” the name given to the vehicle after a small ship because just like that ship having a design that could be built quickly, few of the first corvettes were built by hand to their final forms in Flint, Michigan, in a plant where those were constantly supervised for quality. It is surprising that the naming credit of being on the list of the most well-known cars goes to Myron Scott instead of the designers working on it.

However because of the low rating of performance the sales of the corvette went opposite to what had been expected from it and it was feared that corvette was going to end there as GM considered stop producing it. But later a Russian engineer joined GM and installed V-8 engine which provided a manual 3 speed transmission and else to the corvette. That changed the whole bad phase of Corvette and the complaints about its poor performance went faded. Corvette then later on started its journey toward stardom and enjoyed lots of people’s attraction and admiration. And this is pretty much the end of its history.

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