History of AMC Gremlin

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AMC Gremlin is one of the remarkable cars of the history; it was designed by Richard Teague who is no more between us. Not many of them are left now. The car was first introduced in the International Auto Show that took place in New York in 1968. It was the first subcompact car ever introduced in the market by Americans. The subcompact car’s size is in between compact and the urban car. It was the first of its type.

The car was capable of accommodating two to four people at a time and its horsepower varies from 128 to 145. It was first sold for $1879. It was introduced to compete with the Volkswagen bug. No one knows its exact origin and was manufactured by a small US auto company.

Its shape was different from the usual cars and had been modified over the period of time. One of the modified models was that of AMC Javelin. The rear portion of the car has been cut off to give it a unique look. But this look was quiet amusing and strange.

Total units of Gremlin sold were above 670,000. It became quiet popular with the people and this led the company in introducing 9 models of this car in 8 years (from 1970-1978). Many changes were introduced in the model during this period of time and were modified according to the changing needs of the people. It was modified in such a manner each time that it was able to compete any modern car of similar level.

Students of Universities conducted test to check its ability to run with different sources of fuel which includes hydrogen, natural gas and electric power.  These tests were conducted early in 1970.

It didn’t offer economical fuel range to its customers but the power that the engine was able to produce is worth mentioning. It was consuming more fuel than the cars of same size but this didn’t affect its popularity. The engine consisted of 6 cylinders and was able to move the car from 0 – 60 miles per hour in only 11.9 seconds. It was capable of traveling at the speed of 100 miles per hour that is why it was also used for racing by some of the drivers.

It also was known as “the best buy out of the year” which was a big blow for small player like Gremlin.

The car had performed quiet well over the course of time and some of its models were also introduced as the toys. The car at every stage was able to offer its customers with updated features. That is the reason why this car interested individuals a lot. Its shape was the one reason of its immense popularity.

It maintained good record in the history and was also used in the famous cartoon serial “The Simpson’s”. This further increased its popularity. The most expensive model of the Gremlin was the V8 sporty X. Many of the fans still remember even though its number has considerably decreased over the period of time.

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