Do it Yourself Hypnosis

Anyone can put themselves under a light hypnosis to relieve stress and reduce physical pain.

You will first want to remember a short mantra that you will tell yourself when you are hypnotized. Such as “the pain in my foot is better”.

Sit in a comfortable position with your feet on the floor and your hands in your lap in a comfortable chair. Close your eyes and imagine each part of your body relaxing slowly from the tip of your head down to your feet, concentrate on each body part until they are all relaxed.

Breathe in slow deep breaths. Imagine all of the stress and negativity leaving your body.

Next imagine a stairwell with 10 ten steps down. Tell yourself that you will be in a deep trance by the time to reach the bottom. Slowly imagine yourself walking down the stairs counting each one until you reach the bottom counting down from ten to one.

Once you are in the trance tell yourself the mantra.  You can stay in the trance for as long as you want repeating your mantra or just relaxing.  Do not complicate the hypnosis by making your mantra too detailed or by saying several mantras.  Just stick to one mantra at a time.

Next tell yourself that you will count from 1 to 10 and go back up the steps, you will be out of the trance when you get to the top of the steps.

You may want to get up slowly after you come out of your trance.

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