How to change a car battery

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Vehicles have become the basic need of our life and today almost everyone has vehicle so it is very important for a common man to have basic knowledge about their vehicles and its maintenance. If you maintain your vehicle regularly and properly, you can avoid lots of problems and take your vehicle with you as long as its real life is and can give it a bonus life too. For the proper utilization of vehicles you must remember few points in your mind and these are:

– To recognize the problem which your vehicle is creating.

– To find a proper solution for it

– To solve the problem with all the security measures

A general problem, which everyone is facing, is stopping of car suddenly and it is because of battery failure. When you come to know that it is battery problem with your car you should check it properly. It’s not difficult to change your car’s battery and for this you should know few steps while changing it. After knowing the following points you would be able to replace your battery without any error.

* Firstly turn off your vehicle & park it in a proper way, give it time to cool down.

* Now lift your car hood & search the engine to find battery.

* After spotting the battery disconnect all the cable terminals. (If you don’t have knowledge about cable terminals find the cables of black & red in color. Black cable leads to negative terminal & red leads positive terminal.)

* Now take out the car’s battery by stripping it out from its frame.

*Check the battery cables and disconnected it from its terminals.

* Check its terminals by the cleanliness point of view. It might be possible that the battery is creating problem because of its dust & dirt. You can wash the terminals with plain water & baking soda. Clear inside of terminal with the help of brush. It is a necessary step because once you replace the new battery in the spot you want to expose the new cables to clean metal instead of dirty.

* Now place the new battery in frame & connect the new cables with terminals tightly. If the connections are not firmly fitted then you cannot start the car in a first go.

* Now give a test trial to your battery. Start your car, if it starts its means you have fixed the battery in a proper way but if it does not start repeat all the points carefully.

It’s a fact that ergonomics of every car is different but the plugging of battery is always same. And it is not a big task to change it. Its sounds difficult but actually it is not as tough as we imagine. Usually people go towards mechanics for this easy task and waste their precious time & money. But with a general knowledge about the vehicles you can save both and also save yourself from the headache, which you face in workshop. Good Luck!


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