Common mistakes of a newly licensed driver

With the growing number of cars on the road, the rate of fatal crashes is rising. One of the main reasons is the newly licensed drivers, who tend to do mistakes while driving because of their inexperience. Most of these newly licensed drivers are young teenagers who love adventure. They get over excited as soon as they hold steering of a car. They love speed. What’s more! We all are aware of the fact that they do not like to be advised or lectured.

The has endeavored hard to collect some facts from the two leading sites on driving i.e. & The following article presents the points highlighted by them during their research.

With a purposeful intention to update the readers with their researched facts, they have summarized below the common mistakes made by the newly licensed drivers.

– Getting distracted at the time of driving:

There are a lot of things that divert the attention of a driver while driving. The cult of attending phone calls, sending or receiving text messages, listening to the music or viewing portable televisions have led to the increased rate of fatal crashes. These are serious distractors for not only novice but also for experienced drivers. Research results support that 80% of the fatal crashes are a result of distractions.

– Try being adventurous on road:

Novice drivers don’t bother about the traffic signals or other road signs including school or hospital zones. Taking a deliberate risk, they change their course without paying attention to their blind spots. Hence, results into perspective collisions. On the other hand the collisions caused due to the distractions are sheer result of ignorance.

– Thrilled with speed:

Most of the teenagers love speed. Without anticipating the risks involved, they drive rashly. Reports of 2005 show that around one-third of serious collisions are due to high-speed driving and more than 50% of the fatalities of those collisions were aged between 20 to 49 years.

– Over loaded with commuters:

Teenagers love to move around with their friends. So, they usually overload their cars with 5-6 friends. Consequently, drives rashly and aggressively.

– Consuming alcoholic drinks:

Consumption of alcoholic drinks while driving or even prior to driving factored into serious collisions. This has not been practiced by teenagers but also by amateur drivers.

– Overtaking from a wrong side:

Not keeping an appropriate distance or overtaking from a wrong in hoard of getting ahead leads to fatal crashes.

– Ignoring the seat belts:

Use of seat belts while driving reduces the risks of serious injuries during an accident. But teenagers usually do not follow this rule.

– Confused in critical situations:

Novice drivers do not know how to avoid accidents in critical situations. They require lot of practice.

– Falling asleep while driving:

Many fatal crashes are a result of driver falling asleep. Even the teenagers too take driving as fun. They do not take rest at the end of a hectic day.

– Poor maintenance:

With a trend of decorating the cars with unique gadgets and accessories, a novice driver do not pay much attention to actual maintenance.

It is hoped that these points will help the novice drivers to drive safely. Good Luck!

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