How to Keep Safety on Your Side – Airbags and Car Accidents

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The awareness of travel safety has become very substantial. At the focus of the car accidents, the safety of the travelers is ensured by instilling the importance of the seat belts. Wearing a seat belt, at any cost makes a vast difference during the time of accidents. So always insist on wearing seat belts. Airbags too impose the same travel safety to the travelers and designed specially in order to life saving purpose. But the awareness of usage of the airbags is essential. If they not employed as per the instructions given, then they are very dangerous.

Generally the kinds of airbags are numerous in number with unique guidelines on child placement. This makes a confusing state to the parents or the caretakers, how and where to place the kids in their vehicles like a car, SUV, truck or van. Quiet a number of people are not aware that there are varieties of airbags until the car encounters an accident, as they tend not to follow the instructions.

It is not a big deal to know the usage of an air bag. The instructions printed on the user’s manual are simple to follow. You just have to read and absorb the instructions as said in it and execute when you travel. This will save your life as well as the life of passengers.

The happenings of an accident are within few seconds and the airbags acts even faster than that. It takes only 1/20 second to inflate, if a car meets an accident. During the inflation immense force is created, especially if you are closer to airbag. NHTSA or The National Highway Traffic Safety recommends the travelers to be at least 10 inches away from airbags.

Generally the 10 inches security is ideal for the adults who are in upright posture as well as wearing seat belts. But the kids below 12 years should not be allowed to be placed on the front seat, the exact place for the airbag. This is applicable to the infants who sit rear-facing in the car seats, the booster seat toddlers and the small kids who do not manage to sit on regular seat. Expert’s advice is not to allow the kids that are below 12 to sit in the front seat unless it is necessary.

Further pickup trucks and such vehicles do not have any back seats, so they can provide a switch with on and off, for airbag present in passenger side. Staying at the back is safest.

When there is no availability of these switches in the vehicle, the kid has to be placed away from airbag position and have a harmless sitting posture. These are the guidelines given by the NHTSA. But it is not advisable everytime.

The latest technological innovation in the airbag is the presence of automatic sensors to know the seat position, passenger size and also severity of the accidents which helps to set the best possible inflation power. At times, the kids are not identified by these sensors, hence never allow the children to sit on the front seat. Be safe & have a happy journey!


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