Air bag safety issues with kids

We all know how airbags and seatbelts can save lives in car accidents, but many do not know the dangers that these airbags posses. Most adults get minor injuries, but children that are impacted from an airbag can suffer permanent injuries or even death.

When purchasing your first family vehicle, you should take the size of the vehicle into mind. The larger the vehicle, the safer it will be for your family in case of an accident. This is because when a vehicle gets into an accident energy will be absorbed by the vehicle as it crushes while the passengers inside react to the amount of energy absorbed. A larger vehicle will absorb a lot more energy than a smaller vehicle, thus resulting in less injury for the passengers.

When you have finally purchased the perfect vehicle for your family, you need to know who is going to sit where. Shorter people such as children will feel the impact of a crash sooner than those of taller stature. This is why children should not sit in the front of the vehicle. The farther you are from the front of the car, the safer you are in a head on collision.

Airbags explode with extreme force within the blink of an eye. If you are in the front seat, there is no possible way to avoid the airbag. Even if you are wearing a seatbelt, an airbag still has the potential to cause serious injuries. For those without seatbelts, an airbag can cause permanent brain and spinal damage and even death.

In order to prevent serious injuries in a car accident with children, you should follow these simple steps:

1) Children that are 12 and under or are built of short stature or lightweight should sit in the backseat. This will prevent a direct impact from the airbag that can cause possible life-threatening injuries.

2) Never place infant car seats on the front passenger seat. The front airbag along with the side airbag can kill the infant in an instant. The force of these airbags can put the infant through so much force that it can snap their neck like a giant snapping a twig.

3) Children should ride in age appropriate car seats. There are various car seats for children of all ages because their safety needs to be changed as they grow. If your child is 2 but is overweight, then you will most likely need a car seat that is for older children that fits into your child’s weight range.

4) Put the child seat in the middle of the back seat. This will prevent and impact fro side airbags which can injure children.

5) If a child is going to be sitting in the front seat, make sure the seat is as far back as possible. Remember that the key to airbag safety is to be as far from it as possible. This will result in the optimal safety of the child when the airbag deploys.

If you follow these 5 simple rules when riding with a child in your vehicle, you will have a less chance of having that child injured by the airbags. Be safe and happy driving!

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