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Any goods, trade, list, or that someone is responsible for procurement, or the representative of the company has been left on, other material. If you a producer, importer / exporter, distributor or wholesaler and you are left behind with the luggage, then you all already gone through the proper legal process was likely to be blocked are the recipients of the contact with, and still have not found a solution. If so, there are many things to consider. First, charge the property is left?

Auction in the local police, that a car in good condition is easy to find. The best thing a portion of their actual market price for a vehicle as is available. The back for 15 years can be dated and even a new property can be the vehicles are doing. The car can be sold to a lot of the reason for this. Car owners of certain types of crime to the police car and catch the body and it is possible that the right to sell is given. Some of the bank because they did not seize the car installment payment.

You with a particular country, especially if you already know is a lot of time and if what is already there and are produced, where to find suppliers of their products, for others you can give yourself can know. Thailand If you have done for many times, for example, can live there before and know the Thai product, you, in this city where you live or other places, and the United States to a retail buyer buyers can save, especially if it will be offered to products from Thailand offers. In this case, your salary in the U.S. based retail products sold in order to make it to Thailand in May You, as a recipient of the document store with the name of the product for money but with no money to pay for one shipment, and the United States for good in the store to ship, order will put the product in Thailand . To the basic service of the U.S. importer – retailer will pay you an agreed commission. This amount of negotiable commission, percentage is not fixed. You place the same shipment, the process of self-associated with the export side would like to include in the amount of time on the basis of the number of May, you in the land of origin, have to put the charges back and forth to visit the manufacturer’s factory for exports or shipping company to deal with is needed. The importer will be the seller, the goods for payment, but will not export documents, international packing and original for this purpose, Indonesia, the actual shipping of the country, ready to where to store or warehouse for the cost . You can commission the total amount or amount of a conversation between you two percent. You money on others, use their expertise, according to this scenario. You can start tomorrow. Of course, if one of you for India, Thailand import export agent in the form of products to provide their services do not want to never have been in May.


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