Online Education- Is it for you?

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Online education is very popular with the recent technological boom.  I earned my entire degree online and can continue my education onine, all the way through my PHd in the field I have chosen.  However online classes are not for everyone.  Admissions counselors want you to sign up whether you do well or not.  They get paid to get you into classes.  They do not really tell you in detail what may be best for you so let me try to help.

Are you an organized person?  Organization is critical to keeping up with your assignments onine since you do not have an instructor in front of you daily reminding you to finish an assignment.  Can you make deadlines?  You will have assignments do throughout your classes that you must have done and once again there is nobody who is going to be there to remind you.  You will get emails but thats it.  Can you motivate yourself? Since you do not have to get up and go to class it is very easy to blow off getting your school work done.  If you are not someone that can set aside a time and do your school work no matter what else is going on then online classes may not be right for you.  Some classes you may struggle in can be hard to understand without an instructor fully explaining it to you.  Most of your learning will come from reading the textbooks so keep that in mind also.

On the other hand there are many good reasons to take online classes.  I have two small children that I could be home with instead of leaving for school.  I did most of my school work in my pajamas.  I saved a lot of money in gas but tuition is expensive of course.  I liked being able to do my work on my time.  This helped me be able to work a more flexible schedule at my job.  The online classes seemed to be laid out very simply and could be worked on at anytime.  If I was tired on morning I just simply did my class work later that day or even that night.  Sometimes I would not be able to sleep at night and would just start working on my school work.

Before you decide to take online classes be sure to fully understand what you are getting into.  Some people, such as myself, do very well in these classes.  Others will succeed in a classroom environment.


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