It was a perfect evening, my wife and I sitting at the rear corner of the movie theatre, enjoying every second of the highly acclaimed Ms JK Rowling’s brainchild “HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE”. It was all sailing smooth for both of us and for Harry and Albus Dumbledore (Westernized version of “Saas Bhee Kabhee Bahu Thee” famed BA).

With Harry and Dumbledore trying to destroy the Horcrux (It’s a receptacle in which a Dark wizard has hidden a part of his soul for the purposes of attaining immortality …. Whoosh….. and not to be mistaken for Whore Crux), I could see my wife’s eyes glowing in excitement with every step Harry and Dumbledore took to destroy the Horcrux. It was surreal the magic, the potions, the duets, the unbreakable vows, the death eaters, the Weasley –Hermione romancing.

I, though not understanding a bit of it was still contempt and happy to see that excitement and proud feeling running through my wife’s eyes. But as it is said that every good thing has to come to an end, so it did.

Everything was sailing smoothly; Harry and Dumbledore heroics had by now destroyed a so called Horcrux and were sailing safely back to their crib i.e. Hogwarts School of Wizardry.

More than the movie characters I was proud and happy to bring my wife to a movie, which I feel, brought more smile to her than the Damas Pendant I gave her (Wish I had known earlier). I thought it was all a smooth sail now, with Harry and Dumbledore back after destroying their target. But then it happened, a weird looking guy with a hairdo of an underpaid rickshaw puller, called Snape snapped the life out of Mr. Dumbledore.

I still could not understand the gravity and the seriousness of the death of Mr. Dumbledore as in all my humanity I was happy for the old guy whom I thought had already overworked himself for at least 100 years or maybe a little more. For me it was good that the old man finally got moksha.

But as always I was wrong and this time, TOTALLY WRONG. With an askewed gaze, I looked at my wife looking for that sheer excitement in her eyes, but this time instead of that beautiful sweet smile which was flowing from her eyes, were unstoppable tears.

At first I thought she was crying since I had eaten all the popcorns and drank the entire pepsi, but that too was not true, it was because that filthy guy called Snape had killed Albus Dumbledore.

For all those who are married, can understand that when your wife cries you try to find the reason behind it, and 100% of the times you get frustrated trying to understand the reason. But this time was different this time I knew the reason, but a reason which I had no idea how to comprehend.

 I was caught in the moment; I had no idea what to say. Still out of my habit, I started thinking of some reason for which she was crying.

Initially I thought someone in her family resembled Albus Dumbledore (Common guys I know it’s a weird thought but weird problems can have a weird reason) and seeing Dumbledore die she actually got those bad memories. I went through her entire family tree, thinking of every image of every person I had met and trying to see the resemblance with Dumbledore. Finally I turned to her looking for some slight resemblance with Dumbledore.  But I had to quickly neglect this theory because as beautiful she is; I cannot think that there could be any one as weird looking as Mr. Dumbledore in her past, present or the generations to come.

I still had no idea what to say or to do; but I had to react and I had to say something fast. Covering all my embarrassment and confusion I told my wife not to worry and “it’s going to be okay”. In my mind obviously I was abusing this snape guy profusely for taking off that sweet smile of my wife’s eyes.

I held my wife’s hand tightly obviously trying to sympathize with her and waiting for those heart piercing tears to roll back.

Waiting patiently I drifted in my thoughts trying to do some introspection due to for what I thought as my cold behavior towards Mr. Dumbledore’s death.

I drifted some 2-3 hours back in time, the moment when we had started from the house to watch the movie. I thought about the cab ride which was in turn a crash course in Harry Potter for me as well as for the cab driver. I thought of the excitement and the interest with which my wife took me through every bit and piece of it. She went from character to character may it be harry potter, or Ron weasley or Hermione granger or Dumbledore or the muggles or Voldemart.Till the time we had reached the movie theatre I was well aware of species from animagus to death eaters to dementors and yeah just to mention even the cab driver would have verbatim written a review on the first five books (poor cabbie..) better than Ms. Rowling herself.

I drifted back some more months, when my wife in all her adamancy and aggressiveness told me about watching this movie.

I realized at that moment that she had planned watching the movie some 5-6 months back, better than most of the couples plan for a kid these days.

I snapped out of my thoughts and to my luck her tears had rolled back, but by now I had developed that vengeance for this guy snape.Time has passed and to my credit I have seen the first five parts of the series trying to figure out every move of this shady guy Snape.

Just like my wife, now I too await for the last part of the series to come, but not to see Harry Potter’s triumph over Lord Voldemort (literary nemesis for Harry Potter) but to see the fate of the slithery Snape.

Because by now I am sure that if Ms Rowling does not have an awful ending for Snape, then I am the one who wants to kill the HALF BLOOD PRINCE.

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