Believing in Santa Clause

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Christmas is underway again this year coming soon! Remind your child of Santa Clause and how Santa knows who’s been naughty or nice this year. This gives children great incentive to be well behaved.

suit_Thumb.jpg Tell your child about leaving cookies and milk for Santa. Go out and get yourself a Santa suit. You could easily make your own. Santa Clause is know for being plump. If you are a thinner person, you can wear a fake belly! kids_Thumb.jpg On the night of Christmas, remind your children that Santa arrives at night after they go to sleep. Tell your children that you have to run to the store for something and that you will be right back! Do not leave your children unattended at home however! So as soon as it turns dark outside, wearing the Santa suit, come to the door and surprise everyone! tree_Thumb.jpg  After Santa leaves (you), come back from the store and act like nothing happened. The children will be exasperated because they just saw Santa Clause! Daddy, daddy Santa was just here!!! After your children are asleep, place your gifts under the tree . Have a few gifts signed, “From Santa Clause” for the kids to see! cookies_Thumb.jpg Be sure and take a few cookies and the glass of milk that the kids left for Santa Clause! The kids will be so excited when they awake and Santa ate their cookies! letter_Thumb.jpg You can also leave a note from Santa to the kids! A note from Santa Clause is a great thing for children to believe in! Leave your children a note from Santa saying thank you for the cookies.


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