Logics of Love

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Love , an amazing feeling to have , an amazing thing to be in , a life when everything seems nice , the sun shines bright , the wind smells nice , It’s truely divine. Well for most of you who have had this feeling, can understand what I am talking of, but for those who are still devoid of it, well common guys stop studying and do something meaningful in your life.

It’s an adage that “Love defies all Logic “and yeah it held true in the times of Romeo and Juliet but that too in the whims and fancies of the legendry Mr. William Shakespeare. But just to bring an interesting fact alive, it’s said that Shakespeare died of excessive drinking in a party when he was 52 years old. That makes me think that do we need to learn about love from a guy who was a drunkard and died of excessive drinking.

Well if that’s the criteria for professing love, I am sure a lot of guys and girls in our college are on their way to become some LOVE GURU’s of the modern times, and to put it honestly I might be running the race to being a LOVE GURU myself. But no that’s not the case, why to believe the stories of drunkard who would have been a devdas of his times; it would be just like learning a course on world peace from Osama Bin Laden.

So how to answer our question “does love really defies logic”??

In search of this all elusive question I started my journey to find love, the feeling of amazement, the feeling that’s purely divine. I knew that the road would be difficult, but for once I placed the society in front of me and motivated myself to answer the question for the betterment of the people. I spent countless nights thinking where to start this search and then I found what I wanted. Carelessly looking through the books (yeah once in a while I too do that) I came across the answer to all my questions. It was no reader’s digest , no magazine on love and surely no Demi Moore look like angel to guide me (ooh wish it was) , but was an elixir of its own kind , it was “Fundamentals of Marketing by Mr. Philip Kotler “.

Well I know some of you would call me a fool to find the answers to love in the book of marketing, but I had my reasons to believe that it would help me reach a conclusion. Well I believed that Mr. Kotler and love had a great relation or might be they were the same. Well not to raise any more eyebrows of yours well as love defies all logic so does whatever Mr. Kotler (May god have Mercy on the soul’s of every one at Kellogg’s) writes does.

So I thought why not go through the BOOK (referred as the love potion ahead) as a beginning to the search of the elusive question. I went through some pages trying to keep my eyes opened for the answer’s I was looking for. It was a difficult battle going through those pages, trying to keep myself attentive, obviously except the times when I drowsed and woke to find that 4-5 hours have passed (I would refer them as power Naps). Well then finally after days and days of rigorous battle with the love potion, I stepped on to the answer. Yes the all elusive answer, I was happy or to put it right I was exuberant. After days and days of my battle, unending devotion and cheating death so many times (That’s what one feels going through it) I reached the PAGE 15. Yes the very page which would change my life, the very page which would help me give the start to my search for the elusive answer.

With tears rolling down my eyes (obviously cause of my excessive power naps) I read through the lines. Mr. kotler had mentioned, “when to know about the product its always better to ask the people who are going to use it” obviously with that was mentioned a filthy example of how a firang detergent company did bla bla bla and went on to do blab la bla (bet we all are fed up with these firang examples of the love potion).

But who cares I was free now I had known where to start, to know about love it was always better to ask the people who are in love. Well that seemed simple or did it?? Here in started my new problem, well coming from an engineering college where love is cornered as much as the books are; I had no one to ask to no one to refer to. I thought and thought whom to turn onto. But yeah the sun was shining bright for me, as, soon I got the person to whom I could ask the ever so important question and the best part being he was my cousin, suppressing any chances of me making a complete fool of myself in front of strangers.

Well to talk a little about him, being a part of the Institute of Privileged he had a lot many brushes with love and when I say lot many it means LOT MANY.

So the day finally came and yes I was excited, I was just about to conclude the quest, I was about to answer the all elusive question and contribute to the betterment of the society(At least for the betterment of those modern day Majnu’s)

It was noon and standing in the bright sun light I placed my hand on his shoulder pressing tight due to my uncontrollable excitement and with a child like gaze in my eyes I asked it “Does Love Defy all Logic”?? . It was the moment of ultimate truth, the moment I was waiting for, it fealt that everything had stood still and yes, though it was just a second I fealt as if I was waiting for him to answer that question for centuries.

But then what happened made my life upside down. He shook of my hand of his shoulder, abusing profusely he asked me was I a GAY. He stepped three four steps backwards and asked me was I really a GAY and then within a second and before I could respond he was gone.

I was shocked, I was terrified, I was so close to completing my quest and everything just shattered in front of me.

But in the whole process of trying to find the answer I stepped on to a new theory, a theory for which I had the real life example of, the example being me.

I was no strange wanderer like Alexander, who set sail to discover India but reached North America died on the way back never to find that he had discovered North America but not India. I had set sail with a mission and though I had stepped on to something else, I was not ready to give up, I had to tell everyone the conclusion which I stepped onto “The search for Love makes a Guy a little Bit Gay”.

Time has passed and I have fully regained from the adversities of my research. Today, I stand in the Insti. and see my conclusion in real life affecting a lot many guys in the college. The one’s who would even charge for letting us touch their bikes are giving free lifts to girls , the flowers , the movies , the no turning up at KD’s . The simplest of phone calls make them blush all day long. Not to insult any one specific, but I myself have seen some nincompoops turning into gays in the search of love.

Well as for me, though I never picked the Love Potion again and have a cousin who still believes I am a Gay, my research for true love did not end without any conclusions. Going through a lot of introspection I realized that if someone can find me (A Weird God’s Entity) interesting enough to love then yes I got the answer to what I wanted  “LOVE DEFIES ALL LOGIC”.


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