How to Teach My Child Math

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Math could possible be one of the most hated subjects in school.  I find this funny because numbers are all around us.  From the time we get up to the moment we walk through the doors at work, you have probably used math at least ten times.  Because of this fact, math is one of the easiest subjects to teach your child and you can start as early as age one. Here are a few opportunities you might have every day to count with your child…

  • Count the stairs when you go up and down
  • Count to 10 or even 20 when they are washing their hands
  • Let them help you cook and count the ingredients (i.e. how many eggs, how many potatoes, etc…)
  • Count how long it takes them to clean up (this also is a great way to introduce time)
  • Speaking of time, give the 5-minute warnings.  Not only does this introduce the concept of time but it will ease transition as well.
  • During snack time allow them to have a certain number of treats (i.e. 5 crackers) and make them count it out.
  • Show your child special events on the calender.
  • Do a puzzle to introduce problem-solving skills.
  • Share toys.  Giving out equal amounts is an easy introduction to division and multiplication.

These ideas might seem trivial but making an extra effort every opportunity you get makes a huge difference.  With an early start, your child might not only learn to like math but be successful with it as well.


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