Keeping your Christmas tree green

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When you are looking for a tree , choose a green one. The greener the tree the healthier it is. If you are cutting your own tree, be sure and get the trunk into water within 6 hours of the cut. Waiting longer than 6 hours after the cut, you will need to re-cut the base. Cut 1” off of the base for a fresh cut.

watering_Thumb.jpgBe sure that your tree holder is capable of holding enough water to satisfy the tree. Be sure and keep an eye on the water level of the tree. You do not want the water level to fall below the trunk bottom. Fresh cut trees absorb an amazing amount of water, especially the first week. A Christmas treemag-glass_10x10.gif with a 2” diameter initially absorbs 2 quarts per day. A tree with a 4” diameter can use over a gallon a day! Keeping your tree in plenty of water is crucial to having a healthy tree. safe_Thumb.jpg Place your tree far enough away from registers, heaters, fireplaces , etc. Also try to avoid placing your tree directly in front of any windows. The direct sunlight will play a huge role in drying out your tree. Also humidity plays a big role in your trees health. The higher the temperature and lower the humidity, the sooner your tree will dry out. lights_Thumb.jpg Also use smaller lights on the tree. The larger the lights you use the more heat the lights emit. Smaller lights also use a smaller electric workload saving on energy. Vaporizers work very well in keeping the tree moist also! Leave a humidifier or vaporizer run with lots of water all through the night.


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