Children’s health

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The first step to getting your children fit and healthy is to ease up on the video games. Children these days tend to sit in front of the television playing video games, for hours sometimes! You should instruct your children to go outside and play. This allows your children to get the exercise they need.

eating_Thumb.jpgYou are responsible for what your child eats. You should be sure and keep healthy foods around instead of junk food and snacks. You should try and make 3 regular meals a day. Breakfast being the most important! It is important for our children to eat a healthy breakfast since they are growing. Breakfast, or breaking the fast, is the first meal of the day. You have been sleeping for the last 8 hours and now your body demands something healthy to eat. Cereal, oatmeal, toast, eggs, etc… Milk is a great source of calcium for their growing bones.Orange juice is also a great breakfast beverage being so full of Vitamin C.
sleeping_Thumb.jpgChildren also need their full 8-10 hours of sleep. Be sure and be firm with the bed time. Children are growing and using large amounts of energy. They desperately need the rest to allow their bodies to catch up. Do not allow your children to negotiate their bedtime with you. It is important that they know who is the boss. bonding_Thumb.jpgShow your children plenty of attention. Show interest in what they are doing at the time. Love and attention is the greatest medicine there is. Having a close bond with your child is important. You are in control of their life and the decisions you make affect your child!


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