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Are you looking for a place to showcase your work?

There are many sites o the Internet where you can post your written work. Each site is suited to a different set of writers.

Are you an aspiring author just looking for feedback to help you improve your work?

If so take a look at these sites


Story Write

These two sites are a great place to hon your skills in story and poetry writing and always have competitions running for members to enter.

Writing.comhas different levels of membership.

The Free option gives you a taster of what the site offers with limited storage space and not really many tools and is heavy on site and pop up ads.

The Basic option gives you a little more storage space and a few more tool options. This option has site and pop up ads This option costs $9.95 for three months, $14.95 for six months, or $19.95 for the year.

The Upgraded option give more storage space again and you can set up groups and host images for use with your stories. This option costs $19.95 for three months, $34.95 for Six months, or $49.95 for the year. (This is the membership level that I subscribe to and I find it adequate for my needs.)

The Premium option

The professional option

The Enterprise option has the best storage space plus all the extras

You get points for logging on each day and for reviewing other peoples work. These points once you have accumulated a large amount can be put towards your membership.

Story Write has three membership options.

The Free option just gives you the ability to post your stories on the site for people to review and to enter the competitions that some members host. You can also use the free write practice option to hon your skills and help you come up with ideas. (This is my membership level as I don’t need any more than this gives.)

The Silver option gives you the options to add an image to your work and organise it into lists as well as the above. This option is $4.95 a month

The gold option gives you the option to add multiple images to your stories, use rich text HTML, and see who has viewed your stories as well as the options from the free and silver memberships. This option is $11.95 a month.

These sites are just two of the best story sites on the net there are many more out there for you to find and it is fun just looking so give it a go.

I’ll give you one more link to a story site but you will have to click on it to find out more.


Are you looking for ways to get paid for writing?

The above sites don’t pay you in cash for your work so if you are looking to make money from your writing or you write articles they are not really for you. There are many sites that could be right for you which all have their own unique way of working out how much you get paid for your article.





At helium it pays to read and rate others as well as write articles and stories. There are plenty of topics to write to. If you can maintain five rating stars each month you get a $3 rating bonus. You can earn more by writing if you are a stared writer and write to a new title, the higher your rating as a writer the more you can earn. For more information go to Help@Helium. You must post new unique articles to make the best out of this site


Triond is a great site to use to make money. You submit your content and the editorial team decide where it is best suited. They have a group of websites to post your articles and stories to. You have to post articles that are new at the time of posting


This site allows you to re-post articles you have posted on other sites, so you can make more money from what you have already posted else were on the web.


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