Fast Ways to Curb Hunger When Dieting

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When on a diet the biggest problem many dieters face is the moment when they experience hunger pangs or cravings. Sometimes hunger pangs can become too much to bear. In order to defeat hunger pangs and cravings, the dieter needs to remember his or her commitment to weight loss. However, there are several other things an individual can do to fend off these tempting cravings faced when dieting. Bear in mind however, to curb one’s unnecessary hunger is one thing and to deprive one’s self is very much another. Self-deprivation and fasting is, at no time, encouraged.

Take Up a Hobby

In order to fend off hunger pangs and cravings, the dieter should find something else which will get his or her mind off the hunger they are experiencing. It is a great idea to take up a hobby and to do something that involves hands on work. Pick up a book, make an afghan, paint a picture, or do something you really enjoy. In no time you will see that the hunger cravings pass as you are mentally caught up in the tasks at hand. Boredom is by far one of the biggest reasons why dieters give into hunger cravings. In order to avoid the hunger induced by boredom, it is better to completely distract oneself with something fun and engaging.

Start Sipping Water

Water boosts your metabolic rate naturally and helps you to feel full when you are hungry. Drink the eight glasses of water you need every day, and if you need too, chew on some ice to fend off hunger. Did you know that sometimes people misunderstand bodily cues and mistake thirst for being hungry? It is true: drink some water to see if you are truly hungry or your body is just craving a refreshing drink.

Pace Your Eating Habits

If you find yourself hungry, you may not be eating often enough. You should break up your meals into six small intervals during the day. Create a menu which includes a small breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack, dinner, and a final snack. The smaller meals will keep your caloric intake under control, but will also supply you with food sources throughout the entire day. The latter act will, therefore, help to curb your hunger tremendously.

If You Break Your Dieting Rules, Do So the Healthy Way

If you do decide to break the rules of your diet, do it with care and choose healthy foods to cheat with. While you really want to remain dedicated to losing weight, there really is nothing wrong with giving yourself a small, healthy treat on occasion. Consider snacks that are fiber enriched like grapes, oranges, or celery if you cannot withstand the hunger you are experiencing. Carrots, bananas, strawberries, and small portable treats are also recommended for when you experience hunger on the go.

Wait it Out

If you suddenly experience hunger, allow fifteen minutes to pass by. If you are still hungry, try some water to curb the hunger. Wait another ten minutes to see if the hunger subsides. If you are still hungry, head for some super healthy snacks.


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