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Different Kinds of Chocolotes

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Milk Chocolates

Generally most of the people addict to milk chocolates. Milk chocolates are sweeter and it contains cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, milk chocolate contains either condensed milk or dry milk solids. Milk chocolate contains at least 10% chocolate liquor, 39% butterfat, and 12% milk solids.

Sweet Dark chocolates

Your kids are most addictive to sweet dark chocolates. It does not contain milk solids but it is sweeter than any other chocolates because it has a high percentage of sugar. Many brands of sweet dark chocolate have only 20-40% cocoa solids.

Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolate does not contain milk solids but it contains sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla and chocolate liquor. . The cocoa content of commercial dark chocolate bars can range from 30% (sweet dark) to 70- 80% for extremely dark bars.

White Chocolates

White chocolate contains a minimum 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk solids, and a maximum of 55% sugar. Then only it will have their taste. It does not contain any other cocoa products and chocolate liquor.

Semi-sweet Chocolates

These chocolates are in dark color but not as sweet as sugar. Semi-sweet chocolate contains at least 35% cocoa solids.

Bitter-sweet Chocolates

This chocolate often has a deeper, more bitter flavor than sweet dark or semi-sweet bars. Most bittersweet bars contain at least 50% chocolate liquor, with some bars pushing 70-80% chocolate liquor.

Unsweetened Chocolates

These chocolates have bitter taste and its consumption is low compared to others. It is best used in cooking, when it can be combined with sugar to make it more palatable. This is pure chocolate liquor, composed solely of ground cocoa beans.

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